Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009


Second post!!

Firstly, we have some new recuits!!

Camilla- Frankston + Langwarrin
Heather- Frankston
William - Wherever he goes ( LOL)

Random People - Japan

Secondly, heres an idea of where you can find one, on the City Circle Tram in Melbourne

We also have put out some new random Colours!!

Tiger Print, Hearts and Spotty!!

This week also, we are going to Stalk the Logies!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New blog!

Because everyone doesnt have Facebook, its been suggested we probably should have a blog.

The Smiley Project is something we started just to make people smile. Nothing screams SMILE like finding something random and cute . They come in all colours, shapes and sizes, some are animals, some are just Smileys.

So here's the lowdown.

Tee started making these toys. It started with one, she made for a friend, who needed a hug. Looking around the manic sewing room, she found lots of bits and peices of fabric, who were Screaming MAKE ME A SMILEY. After making and giving away abut 100 of them, she sat back and enlisted the help of Tash, and started distributing them around Melbourne. Since then, we have had another few recruits.

We mainly put them in the City, In places like Flinders Street, Melbourne Central, and City Square. They can be found also anywhere that street art is found, like Hosier Lane, Manchester Lane and Hardware Lane. Other recruits have been putting them in the suburbs also. Our aim is to have them found Internationally :)

So far, we have put out about 70 or 80 Smileys. Not everyone has come back to us, but thats ok!
We just hope that every smiley we make, has found a home :)